About Cannamo.net

CannaMo.net started as a templet for an online dispensary. With medical marijuana right at our door step, I was presented with a greater need. It is important to provide easy accurate information about where, how, and when to obtain your medical marijuana card, prescription, and medical marijuana itself. There is also a need to bring this community together with
information from patients about what has worked for them in treatment, either for their family or themselves personally. Provide accurate information to patients about medical marijuana:
-How to obtain your medical marijuan card
-How to obtain your growers card(both patient and dispensary)
-The cost of both
-When you can buy
-Upcoming Dispensaries

For the Community:
-A place to discuss medical marijuana, strains, experiences and more

I do hope you enjoy CannaMo.net. Im excited for the upcoming additions for users, as well as the changes to the marijuana laws in this country. The ability to access marijuana
for medical reasons is huge for many people that truly need it.