• Missouri Department of Health

  • At this time, the Department is only accepting the Physician Certification as an uploaded document to the patients application, which can be submitted as early as June 28, 2019. Patients should download the Physician Certification form and take it with them to their medical examinations for their physicians to fill out.

    The Missouri Department of Health has the most up to date information about medical marijuana. Once you have found a physician that will provide you with a certificate, you can then apply for your medical card from the Missouri Department of Health. They will begin accepting applications June 28, 2019. Dispensaries arent expected to start opening up until January of 2020. If you are opening a dispensary, follow the link below to learn more about certification.

  • Missouri Department of Health (Dispensary Certification)

  • DHSS will begin accepting applications for cultivation, manufacturing, dispensary, testing, transportation, and seed-to-sale licenses and certifications on Aug. 3, 2019. For cultivation, manufacturing, dispensary and testing facilities, DHSS will accept such applications from Aug. 3, 2019, until close of business on Aug. 17, 2019


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  • Dispensary Permits

  • In Missouri, qualifying patients may possess and use medical marijuana. State licensed businesses may grow, process and dispense marijuana Every state has different marijuana laws- they are regulated by state, not federal law. Some states allow marijuana for recreational and medical use, some states only allow medical use, and some only allow certain low THC products for medical use. Most states limit the number of licenses they will grant and the window to apply for them.